Martin Kammerman


Nashville, TN
Air Strategy & Development

Air Service Development comes easy to Martin, who joined ASM Americas in May.  He spent the last two years at another Air Service Development firm leveraging his nearly 25 years of airline experience to help assist clients with their needs.  Martin’s airline career, primarily in network planning, gave him a broad understanding of airline scheduling, route planning, finance, pricing, revenue management, operations, and even customer service.  He worked at United, US Airways and Continental.

Before departing United in 2015, he was responsible for all phases of domestic new market planning, competitive analysis and strategy, including detailed market analysis, traffic and revenue forecasting, as well as coordination and implementation of new routes.  As a matter of fact, Martin had led the development of more than 2 dozen new routes in the US and Canada. Â After completing his MBA at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Martin started his airline career in the customer service and airport operations areas at Continental. From there, he graduated to airline forecasting before landing in Network Planning at US Airways and later United.