Understanding your airport and competitor markets doesn’t have to be difficult
Simplify it with ASM DataDashboard™

DataDashboard™ enables you to understand your airport market data and the competitor airports of your choice

Market data such as monthly passenger traffic by final destination (taking into account connections and indirect flows), average fares and yield data, country of origin and airline market share is drawn from Sabre Global Demand Data. This is calibrated against your internal statistics and is displayed in an interactive Microsoft Excel model with a large selection of graphs and charts to represent the data in a simple visual format, using simple button-click filters. The model allows multiple airports and years to be loaded so the user can interrogate and compare the data reported on all the variables to produce specific outputs and results on the markets performance.

As all the calculations are done for you it saves having to manipulate or cleanse the data, so time can be spent more effectively. The DataDashboard™ outputs are designed to be easily copied directly into your reports and presentations and can be updated on a regular basis allowing for trends to be monitored and assessed.

The DataDashboard™ is a simple and regular one stop source for all your airport market data to get the answers quickly with the necessary insight and leading to improved management reporting and business development.

Why ASM’s DataDashboard™?

  • No more number crunching of raw spreadsheets.
  • Produce graphs and tables easily without manipulating data.
  • View market information on your airport and competitors.
  • Identify trends that might not be obvious from just
    passenger numbers.
  • Quickly copy and paste charts and tables into your reports and presentations.

View annual passenger traffic data reports by the criteria that matters with DataDashboard™

  •  Interactive graphs and charts
  • Apply multiple airport and years filters
  • Interrogate the traffic data reporting on multiple variables
  • Produce specific outputs on demand

For more information contact:

Aidan Mooney, Vice President
[email protected]
+44 (0)7769 243447