Catchment Analyser™

New2023 Data Now Available

Gain insight into your airport’s catchment area to identify traffic demand, leakage and visitor origination

ASM’s Catchment Analyser™ collects, collates, and analyses data from the following sources:

  • Census-based data
  • Internet search data
  • Hospitality data
  • Airport data

Generate a behavioral view of the population in your airport’s catchment area

– including the visitors staying there-

For the Resident Traffic, ASM blends 2023 search data with population census data and the airport’s actual flown passenger data reported by direction of travel to give a true picture of where your resident passengers are originating by their zip code in your catchment area, which airport they are departing from and where they are travelling to.

Search data is rightsized using census data to smooth out the peaks and troughs that are inherently generated through search. The smoothed data is then calibrated to the airport’s actual flown passenger data (using Final MIDT data) to create a data set of the resident traffic in the catchment area. Resident traffic is usually far higher than the airports flown traffic as it includes traffic using competitor airports and choose to use surface transport to start their air journey from a further away departure airport.

Visitor traffic is a blend of hotel search data with hospitality data and again the airport’s actual flown passenger data reported by direction of travel to give a true picture of where your visitor traffic is originating from by their departure airport and where they are arriving via and then where they are staying by zip code in your catchment area.

Why ASM’s Catchment Analyser™?

Laptop screen displaying Airport Catchment Analyser product image
  • Understand the true size of your airport’s catchment area by traveling population and where they are traveling to.
  • Benchmark how your airport penetrates the catchment demand when a direct flight operates compared to when there is no direct service.
  • Create more targeted marketing and promotional campaign to focus spend where demand exists or where your share of the market can be improved.
  • Enables more insightful route pitches to airlines where demand can be demonstrated

Understand and Leverage Your Data with ASM’s Catchment Analyser™

A complimentary data set detailing the size and shape of the airport’s catchment area, the direction of traffic (Resident / Visitor) by destination and the airport of departure or arrival. This tool allows airports to understand the true demand from the catchment area and where there is “Traffic Leakage” to competitor airports.

For more information contact:

Aidan Mooney, Vice President

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