Facilitate in-depth conversations with airlines and showcase the potential of your airport with ForecastOne™

Forecast passenger numbers for the selected route by market segment, load factors, RASK, yield and revenue with ForecastOne™, an easy-to-use model to test various scenarios and assess the different forecast outputs.

What Does Forecasting Show?

A passenger traffic route forecast is a key element to successful route development, providing evidence of a route’s potential passenger performance and yield. Forecasts help to facilitate in-depth conversations with the airlines and showcase the potential of your airport and destination for the airlines to consider you. Traffic forecasts differentiate yourself from your competition and help to create an attention grabbing presentation to show the market potential under different scenarios and conditions.

How much does it cost?

This affordable and quick passenger forecast solution gives an immediate guide as to the true market potential of a proposed route, whether it’s a new market, new competing carrier, or additional frequency on an existing route. ForecastOne™ costs just £1,500 per defined route.

Customers can upgrade their ForecastOne™ outputs to the ASM Forecast Service where the market dynamics of a specific route are evaluated and considered in far more detail and presented back to you in a detailed report outlining the assumptions made, methodologies adopted and commentary on the output.

Why ASM’s ForecastOne™?

ForecastOne™ does all the hard work and analysis and delivers immediate outputs to give you an overview on any given market and allows the user to refine and test the outputs through adjustment of:

    • Flight departure/arrival times
    • Aircraft size
    • Catchment area definition
    • Passenger forecast numbers

Feature-rich ForecastOne™ helps with:

  • Assessing your business strategy for route development
  • Helping prioritise the high potential markets
  • Providing the evidence to take these to the airlines
  • Clear understanding of the requirements to make a route work

For more information contact:

Aidan Mooney, Vice President
[email protected]
+44 (0)7769 243447