Data Products

Route development depends on robust data and analytics to present clear and informative cases to airlines

Our range of market-leading data and forecasting products will provide you with all the answers you need to be in the best position possible to secure new air services.

Catchment Analyser™

Gain insight into your airport’s catchment area to identify demand, leakage, and visitor origination.



Facilitate in-depth conversations with airlines and showcase the potential of your airport with an easy-to-use model


Get your airport and your competitor airports annual passenger traffic data supplied in one place

Passenger Route Forecast™

Gain a deeper understanding with a more in-depth look of the market
data and connecting flows to optimise the passenger forecasts.

Airport Long-Term Passenger Forecast

Airport long-term forecast to identify passenger demand, capacity, movements and associated peak hour analysis and busy-day timetables.

“Using ASM traffic forecasts has helped Tenerife to explain the true traffic potential to airlines. The forecasts are accurate and presented in an easy to understand format.”

Stephanie Wear

Economic Development Director, Tenerife Tourism Corporation

Discover how ASM’s full range of premium data products can provide the expert insights you need to drive the growth and development of your route network

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