Marketing to Airlines and Implementation of Route Support Deals

The Marketing to Airlines and Implementation of Route Support Deals training course is designed to provide delegates with the necessary tools to effectively market to airports and destinations to attract new airlines, new routes and to build traffic.

This course is tailored towards individuals with direct involvement in air service development marketing, this course will explain how to combine incentive offers with compelling campaigns in order to secure a competitive advantage.

In partnership with specialist legal professionals, the course will also help delegates to understand the legal context of airline negotiations when offering incentive packages.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should I Attend?

This course is geared towards those who may fill the following roles:

  • Airports aviation marketing managers, marketing executives, and route development managers
  • Tourism organisations, local, regional and national, destination marketing managers, executives, route development managers
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Investment agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Legal representatives & airports, tourism, governments, and civil aviation authorities
What will I learn?

This course covers the following topics:

  • The importance of incentives for airlines
  • The legal framework of the local market and global implications
  • Negotiation skills and techniques
  • How to create cutting edge campaigns and standout presentations to airlines
  • How airlines are influenced by airport branding and marketing
  • Differentiation and positioning of your market and service offer
  • What drives airline customer decisions?
What topics will be covered?

This course is broken down into the following modules:

  • Understanding your aviation markets
  • Understanding the airlines and tour operators – segmenting customers and selecting targets
  • Understanding competition
  • Determining the values, positioning and brand of your airport and destination
  • Working with route development data
  • Developing the “perfect presentation” to attract airlines
  • Optimising aviation’s diverse and global media
  • Latest applications of digital, social media and customer data management for route development
  • Case studies
  • Different support mechanisms
  • Traffic revenue guarantees
  • How to structure deals that meet the existing legal framework in your market
  • Negotiating with LCCs
  • Negotiating with network carriers
  • Negotiating with tour operators
Is there a syllabus for the course?

This is the syllabus for this course:

1. Setting the Scene
2. Understanding Your Market
3. Understanding Airlines
4. Airline Insight Survey
5. Airline Deals and Incentives
6. Marketing Channels
7. Content Marketing
8. Marketing to Airlines and the “Perfect Presentation”
9. Implementation
10. Airport Business Plan


“Excellent, very relevant material that will help me to ‘up’ my game in airline route development.”

Angela Mclean

Interim President and CEO/VP, Saint John Airport