Airport Capacity Monitor

Discover the capacity and schedule changes happening at an airport level

Airline networks are continually adjusting to accommodate slight time changes, change in aircraft gauge or day of the week of operation, increases or decreases in frequency, changes in season length, and route suspension additions to a schedule

All these types of changes, however big or small, can and will have an immediate impact on the airport’requirementss business. Changes in capacity will impact the passenger volumes carried through the airport, they may impact the airport revenue projections, facility requirements, and operational requirements on a day-to-day basis.

So, seeing these and understanding these changes is key. Especially during times of uncertainty and rapid change, access to these changing schedules can help significantly in understanding the airport’s business and operation.

Why Airport Capacity Monitor?

  • ASM’s Airport Capacity Monitor takes the weekly schedules update for your airport(s) and adds this to your user interface, so any changes for the forthcoming season can be seen immediately.
  • The interface allows the different schedule updates to be reviewed with options to drill down by Month, by Airline(s), Destination Country(s), and Destination City(s), or any combination of these.
  • This enables decisions to be made on current and relevant information in a timely manner whilst tracking the activities of our airline partners.
  • The excel based interface is populated with the forthcoming schedules for each release week from January 2020. Once issued to you, an update is provided each week with the latest schedules.

Using our purpose-built QSI forecasting model, ASM’s range of products provide accurate and flexible forecasts for the level of detail that is suited to your scenario

For more information contact:

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