Americas Advanced Data & Route Forecasting

This course is directed toward those who wish to deepen their skills in the area of route traffic forecasting, catchment analytics, and long-term forecasts.

Experience Real-World Examples, Manipulate Data, and Develop Forecasts


Route traffic forecasts are a critical component of an airline’s decision-making process when considering new routes. Airlines expect airports and stakeholders to provide as much detailed data and insight into prospective destinations markets as possible.

This course will enable participants to understand the most up-to-date techniques to generate both short and long-term forecasts, including how to utilize appropriate market data, understanding how successful your target route can be, and tips on how to pitch to the airlines.

Day 1

    • Introductions & Setting the Scene
    • Airline Data Sources & Airport Catchment Analysis
    • Excel Skills
    • Forecasting Overview and QSI

Day 2

    • Stimulation and Forecasting Connecting Flows
    • Long-Term Forecasting Techniques
    • Airline Route Economics
    • Review and Certification

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Commonly Asked Questions

Should I Attend?

This course is designed for:
    • Airports & route development managers, analysts
    • Airlines & new analysts, network planners
    • Civil aviation authorities
    • Government agencies and departments
    • Personnel responsible for airport forecasts

Key Topics

Course topics include:
    • How to produce a route traffic forecast
    • Assumptions and methodologies from real-world examples
    • The latest forecasting techniques, analytics including QSI, MCR and others
    • How to use traffic data, market research and analytics for route forecasting
    • The key outputs airlines want to see in a presentation
    • Benchmarking against competing airports
    • How to manipulate data
    • Practical route forecasts exercises and case studies

“Thorough, comprehensive and detailed, supported by practical examples and with time for dialogue.”

Tim Heijenbrock

Airline Partnerships Director, Schiphol Airport