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The Power of Forecasting

8 May 2017

Forecasting has remained a consistently powerful and effective method of helping airports and airlines to understand and evaluate credible route opportunities. While the aviation industry has long relied on forecasting to better understand and develop business opportunities, the subject remains shrouded in mystery for some; viewed more as a dark…

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Indirect traffic – the key to successful new routes?

21 November 2016

What role does indirect traffic play in airlines’ thinking when planning new routes? Our new white paper examines the data behind how indirect flows influence new routes, and reveals what airports need to consider when discussing opportunities with airlines.

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The Fundamentals of Route Development White Paper

15 August 2016

The introductory guide to air service development and airport strategy. The global aviation industry supports $2.7 trillion of the world’s GDP, carrying more than three billion passengers a year.

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