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Route development depends on robust data and analytics to present clear and informative cases to airlines. Our range of market leading data and forecasting products will provide you with all the answers you need to be in the best position possible to secure new air services.


With a range of products and services including partnerships with market leaders Sabre and TravelSky, ASM is able to provide bespoke data tailored to your needs which will add that extra level of detail to your analysis and presentations.

Sabre AirVision™ Market Intelligence


ASM is licensed to sell Sabre AirVision™ Market Intelligence – a passenger traffic database which gives access to global bookings data and market information.

The database allows the analysis of historical, advanced bookings, schedule, capacity, segment and origin and destination information which can be used to identify potential new routes and ones that are under-performing. It also provides an insight into the traffic and market share of competitor services.

Leakage studies

Knowing the landscape of your market is pivotal to setting your route development goals, so our experts provide cutting-edge leakage studies covering your entire catchment area. Our studies combine ticketing and traffic data to provide an accurate picture of your airport’s relative performance, along with a full understanding of your customers’ needs, decisions and habits.

Considering a number of factors, including the size and proximity of competing airports in your vicinity, our detailed leakage studies will help you to understand the full potential of your market and equip you with the data required to strengthen your position.

Data Insight

Our Data Insight, drawn from a wide range of sources, can provide exact detail on the traffic moving through your airport.

This may be a one off question on an airports traffic or schedules, or a regular update on a topic that you do not have the data available to answer, such as connecting traffic flows or market share. Outputs will be in a format suitable to your request such as a simple table, a pivot table or chart.

Data Dashboard

Get your airport and your competitor airports annual passenger traffic data supplied in our powerful Excel model driven by Power Pivot with interactive graphs and charts. The model allows multiple airports and multiple years to be loaded so the user can interrogate the traffic data reporting on all the variables to produce specific outputs. The outputs can be easily copied directly in to other management reports and presentations. The Data Dashboard can be updated monthly quarterly or annually depending on your needs allowing for trends to be monitored and assessed.

Data Base Products

Our team have access to a wide range of analytics and other data sources, Including Data Base Products. The system provides a variety of USDOT traffic and financial datasets, as well as global airline schedules. Systems within Data Base Products include: Onflight data for US domestic, non-stop air service from (passenger counts, seats available, load factors, equipment types and more); and O&D Survey results of domestic US air travel plus transborder Canadian air traffic and Commuter Airline data.


travelskyASM have agreed a global strategic collaborative relationship with TravelSky that will enable them to both support and market each other’s products and services within new markets, growing their distribution network and developing new business opportunities.

TravelSky is the leading provider of information technology solutions for China’s air travel and tourism industry, provides airlines with a Passengers Service System (PSS). TravelSky is the fourth largest GDS (Global Distribution System) provider in the world, and the largest provider in China.

Aviation Analytics

ASM also provide Aviation Analytics’ Network View – a Route Performance Report, produced and emailed automatically at the start of each month. The basic report covers one airline of choice operating from your airport and includes a Summary Chart, Monthly Average Fare Summary, Monthly Average Yield Summary (RASK) and Fare Evolution Chart, showing how the fare has evolved over the eight points of observation to the departure date. Through these reports airports can discover which routes are star performers and which are at risk, and how this impacts on an airline’s base and network.


Using our purpose built QSI forecasting model, ASM’s range of products provide accurate and flexible forecasts for the level of detail that is suited to your scenario.

Forecast 1

If you are looking for a quick and affordable passenger traffic forecast on a specific route and with a specific carrier then look no further than Forecast 1. The passenger route forecast model comes populated with the passenger data and airport schedules associated with the specific market being evaluated. The user can test different scenarios of the passenger forecast by making various simple changes in the model to assess the impact on issues such as the flight operating times, catchment area, benchmark routes and stimulation.

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Passenger Forecast

The Passenger Forecast goes a stage further with a more in depth  look at the market data and connecting flows to optimise the passenger forecast for the client and preparing the findings in a report format that clearly sets out the assumptions made and the methodologies adopted in the process. This report allows the user to see how the forecast has been built up and how ASM has applied its knowledge and expertise to replicate the processes the airports undertake in review and forecasting a market potential.

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Business Case

When the preferred route development opportunities have been identified and it’s time to present the findings to the target airlines, the Business Case provides all the necessary insight and information the airlines are looking for. Building on the Passenger Forecast, the business case will take an in-depth view on the market examining not just the demand but the qualitative factors that are driving this demand. Examining the economy, industry, demographics, trade links, diaspora and other key areas that might have an impact on the market potential, all the elements are considered in the passenger forecast to generate an in-depth and defendable route passenger forecast.

Long Term Passenger Traffic Forecast

When planning for the future, the Long Term Passenger Traffic Forecast will provide you with a view of a future passenger potential. The forecast can be broken down in to multiple segments to enable a variety of different outputs, primarily for planning purposes. These include segments such as long haul, short haul, domestic, legacy carrier, regional carrier, low cost carrier, Code F operations etc…

The initial analysis will look for a suitable and appropriate independent variable to conduct a long term forecast through regression analysis for each of the defined segments required. The long term forecast will be built from a short term bottom up analysis building on the known planned capacity and anticipated short term developments which in turn will be projected forward in line with the relationship between the independent variable.

Client Testimonials

“Using ASM traffic forecasts has helped Tenerife to explain the true traffic potential to airlines. The forecasts are accurate and presented in an easy to understand format.”

Stephanie Wear
Economic Development Director
Tenerife Tourism Corporation

“I have to say Forecast 1 is very easy to use and understand. Key advantage is the opportunity to change forecast parameters to simulate different scenarios.”

Mathias Richter
Aviation Marketing Specialist
Cork Airport

Recent data and analytics clients include:

  • Bergerac Airport
  • Biarritz Pays Basque Airport
  • Cartagena Airport
  • Iaşi Airport
  • Montpellier Mediterranean Airport
  • Pau Pyrénées Airport
  • San Juan Airport
  • Santiago de Chile Airport
  • Sibiu Airport
  • Tenerife Tourism Corporation
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