Air Service Delivery

Working in partnership

We’ve worked in partnership with airports and destinations for over 20 years to deliver hundreds of new air services. Our unique air service development process provides detailed route business cases and delivery strategies, but more importantly we build the airline relationships that matter.

We have unrivalled understanding of airline economics and route decision making, and high-level relationships in place with airline professionals in the US and across the globe. We work collaboratively with our clients on a project basis, or can be retained.

Creating a solid business case

Delivering an evidence-based business case is the cornerstone of any route development decision.

With full access to the most up-to-date local data sources we provide airports and destinations with effective business cases covering every aspect of market potential: Traffic & Revenue Forecast, Segment Breakdown, Class, Directionality, Seasonality, Point of Sale, Cargo and Market Characteristics.

We will create the right business case, whether that’s for market opportunities or support mechanisms for airlines during the first years of operation.

Preparing for events

We created the industry’s market-leading Routes events in 1998, so no one is better placed to help airports and destinations get the most out network development events.

Whether you’re a large, small, or mid-sized airport our unique insight and relationships mean we can help identify and select airline targets at events such as World Routes, Jumpstart and Altitude.

We create compelling data and diligent presentations, provide coaching, and can even represent you in the airline meetings and negotiations. ASM provide thorough and detailed analytics as well as creative presentation techniques so you can get the routes you need.

Airline relationships and Head Office Meetings

Along with events, airline Head Office Meetings are a vital step in building powerful relationships with airlines. These meetings are often where final decisions are made and lasting relationships built.

We can help to prepare you for these meetings to maximise your chances of success, and even represent your organisation.

In part thanks to our unique association with our sister business Routes, our consultants already have excellent relationships with airlines, along with a detailed understanding of their individual strategies, goals and requirements.

This helps to ensure you are ideally placed for success in all of your conversations with airlines, and that Head Office Meetings run smoothly and make strategic progress for both parties.

Securing SCASD Grants

The Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) is designed to help small communities address air service deficiencies.

Our consultants can help you to identify the key routes which would bring successful and revenue generative routes for airlines, and economic success for your airport and community. We can also work with your wider community including businesses and other stakeholders to present a compelling case for route support funding

We will help you to apply for these grants and maximise your chances of successfully securing the funds vital to growth.

Revenue guarantee development

We can assist you in securing the funding and preparing revenue guarantees, which help airports and communities demonstrate their commitment to a new route.

Airlines are often more likely to create a new route if a revenue guarantee is in place to mitigate their potential risk, so these are another key tool to help you meet your network goals.

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