Passenger Route Forecast

The Passenger Route Forecast is a customised, in-depth look at the market potential of a selected route that examines traffic data, air fares, schedules, alliances, connecting flows, circuity and segment distance to generate a more detailed passenger forecast.

All the variables are examined, connections are observed and questioned, sector lengths reviewed and passenger flows adjusted to reflect the specific dynamics of an individual flow. Stimulation is examined on a case by case basis where the specified carrier’s impact on a market is examined and tested to replicate the effect it should have in the chosen opportunity.

The results are delivered in a report format that clearly sets out the assumptions made and the methodologies adopted in the process. This report allows the user to see how the forecast has been built, and how ASM has applied their knowledge and expertise to replicate the processes the airlines undertake in forecasting a market potential. A passenger route forecast provides invaluable insight into the potential performance of a route, what frequency, timings and aircraft should be deployed.

Why Passenger Route Forecast?

  • Demonstrate the potential of the chosen route and carrier
  • All elements are observed manually, checked and validated to ensure they are credible and realistic
  • Provides transparency on how the passenger forecast has been built

Passenger Route Forecast demonstrates the true potential of a market development opportunity and they have been widely used with the world’s airlines to demonstrate in great detail the true opportunity a route development offers, detailing the local market share, connecting flows and the corresponding yields and revenues anticipated.

“Using ASM traffic forecasts has helped Tenerife to explain the true traffic potential to airlines. The forecasts are accurate and presented in an easy to understand format.”

Stephanie Wear,
Economic Development Director,
Tenerife Tourism Corporation