Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecast

To evaluate infrastructure needs and create an airports Master Plan, the Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecast, provides a view of predicted passenger potential. The forecast can be broken down into multiple segments (long-haul, short-haul, domestic, carrier type, aircraft category, etc) to enable different outputs.

The long-term forecast is developed from the short term forecast through a regression analysis with a suitable and independent variable to determine the projected traffic development. Associated with the long-term passenger forecast, a Peak Hour analysis can also be undertaken to assess the future capacity needs and inform on potential infrastructure development requirements in the future.

This forecast enables long-term airport and revenue planning, and will highlight if the airport is likely to encounter issues such as congestion, and lack of airport facilities with the projected growth. This enables development strategies to be formulated to deliver the projected plans.

Why Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecast and Peak Hour?

  • Plan effectively for the future requirements of the airport
  • Use the insight as an investment case
  • View the impact of different scenarios on passenger traffic forecasts

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