Forecasting Services

Using our purpose built QSI forecasting model, ASM’s range of products provide accurate and flexible forecasts for the level of detail that is suited to your scenario.

Forecast 1

If you are looking for a quick and affordable passenger traffic forecast on a specific route and with a specific carrier then look no further than Forecast 1. The passenger route forecast model comes populated with the passenger data and airport schedules associated with the specific market being evaluated. The user can test different scenarios of the passenger forecast by making various simple changes in the model to assess the impact on issues such as the flight operating times, catchment area, benchmark routes and stimulation.

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Passenger Route Forecast

The Passenger Route Forecast goes a stage further with a more in depth look at the market data and connecting flows to optimise the passenger forecast for the client, and preparing the findings in a report format that clearly sets out the assumptions made and the methodologies adopted in the process.

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Business Case/The Head Office Meeting

Building on the Passenger Forecast, the business case will take an in-depth view on the market examining not just the demand but the qualitative factors that are driving this demand. Examining the economy, industry, demographics, trade links, diaspora and other key areas that might have an impact on the market potential, all the elements are considered in the passenger forecast to generate an in-depth route passenger forecast.

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Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecast

When planning for the future, the Long-Term Passenger Traffic Forecast will provide you with a view of a future passenger potential. The forecast can be broken down in to multiple segments to enable a variety of different outputs, primarily for planning purposes. These include segments such as long haul, short haul, domestic, legacy carrier, regional carrier, low cost carrier, Code F operations etc…

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