Data Systems

With a range of products and services including partnerships with market leaders Sabre and TravelSky, ASM is able to provide bespoke data tailored to your needs which will add that extra level of detail to your analysis and presentations.

Sabre AirVision™ Market Intelligence


ASM is licensed to sell Sabre AirVision™ Market Intelligence – a passenger traffic database which gives access to global bookings data and market information.

The database allows the analysis of historical, advanced bookings, schedule, capacity, segment and origin and destination information which can be used to identify potential new routes and ones that are under-performing. It also provides an insight into the traffic and market share of competitor services.


travelskyASM have agreed a global strategic collaborative relationship with TravelSky that will enable them to both support and market each other’s products and services within new markets, growing their distribution network and developing new business opportunities. TravelSky is the leading provider of information technology solutions for China’s air travel and tourism industry, provides airlines with a Passengers Service System (PSS). TravelSky is the fourth largest GDS (Global Distribution System) provider in the world, and the largest provider in China.