Data Insight

If you require a quick efficient answer to a question you require a specific piece of data for, then Data Insight is the ideal solution.  Submit your question to us, whether is it on an airport’s traffic or schedules, or connecting traffic flows or your airports market share, we can provide the answer. We will take your data request and through our systems produce a suitable output report that enables you to see clearly the answer to your query. Data Insight will be provided in your required format, such as a simple table, a pivot table or chart to be added easily to a presentation or report.

Data Insight provides the answers you need without having to invest in traffic data reporting systems that you don’t require, and can be used as a one-off or a regular report.

Why Data Insight?

  • Quick and efficient data extraction on specific or ad hoc requests
  • Can be delivered in any variety of formats to meet your requirements
  • Extracts, tables and charts can be easily incorporated into your own reports and presentations

Our customers have benefitted from Data Insight on a whole variety of topics from competitor capacity, airline traffic mix and final destination, connecting flows, indirect flows, air fares, yields and seasonality.

Contact Aidan Mooney, Vice President, on +44 (0)161 234 2740 for more information or email