Airport Health Check

This Airport Health Check has ranked every segment operated in 2019 by the Revenue per Available Seat Kilometre (RASK) for the operating airline.

The RASK is the result of the total 2019 segment revenue ($) proportioned across the available seat kilometres (ASK’s) operated during the reported year. ASK’s, the available seat kilometres are the total number of seats operated on the segment presented by the number of kilometres (km’s) each seat has flown, so taking the segment length in to account. ASK’s are the metric airlines often report rather than seat capacity flown and will measure their load factors on the ASK’s rather than the capacity flown.

By ranking each segment, the airline can see which generate the greatest revenue for each kilometre each seat is flown. The highest ranked segments are the strongest, and will often be shorter in length, with longer segments often returning a lower RASK as the cost of an air fare is usually disproportional to the length of the segment.

There are other factors to be considered on an individual route, however this general measure allows very quickly to rank an airlines or airports network to indicate where the lower contributors, or “at risk” services might be.

Why Airport Health Check

  • Customers are provided with the data set in a MS Excel format with their airports data. The tool is dynamic allowing changes to the percentage of what’s “High Risk” or what’s “Secure” and the range lengths can be adjusted for allow reporting of “Short”, Medium” and / or “Long” haul services to match individual reporting criteria.
  • In addition, a separate individual “Marketing” airline report can be produced that allows the user to see the airlines total network, ranked by the Operating Airline(s) that deliver that network. Note, where a 3rd party airline or subsidiary airline operates a sector on behalf of another airline, the performance is ranked by the operating airline, not by the marketing airline for that segment.
  • The output is a simple to use spreadsheet that can be interrogated at a segment level and / or Domestic and Internal traffic.
  • The upper and lower limits of the airlines ranking can be adjusted to assess the impact at your airport.

Contact Aidan Mooney, Vice President, on +44 (0)161 234 2740 for more information or email