Data Products

With a range of products and services, ASM is able to provide bespoke data tailored to your needs which will add that extra level of detail to your analysis and presentations.

Data Insight

If you are looking for a specific piece of data or a regular report our Data Insight can provide the answer quickly and efficiently for you. This may be a one off question on an airports traffic or schedules, or a regular update on a topic that you do not have the data available to answer, such as connecting traffic flows or market share.

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Data Dashboard

Get your airport and your competitor airports annual passenger traffic data supplied in our powerful Excel model driven by Power Pivot with interactive graphs and charts. The model allows multiple airports and multiple years to be loaded so the user can interrogate the traffic data reporting on all the variables to produce specific outputs.

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Airport Health Check

Understand the value of your air service network to the airlines that operate them. This Airport Health Check has ranked every segment operated in 2019 by the Revenue per Available Seat Kilometre (RASK) for the operating airline, allowing an airports network to be reported with all the markets ranked by that operator. This allows users to very quickly see the segments that are strong in the airlines network, and so potentially safe and the segments that are not so strong and potentially at risk when an airline is seeking to cut capacity or reduce their network.

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Airport Capacity Monitor

The Capacity monitor reports on a weekly basis the capacity and schedule changes that are happening at a specific airport. When networks are changing quickly as airlines increase and reduce capacity on a week by week basis, the Airport Capacity Monitor reports the changes made in the past week and the current airport capacity by airline, by market, by month. This data is provided in an easy to use interface that allows the user to interrogate the data at multiple levels.

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Recovery Forecast

The Recovery Forecast is an immediate view on the anticipated change in an airports passenger traffic forecast for the short term (1 to 3 years). Taking the ever changing 2020 capacity and airline developments, the forecast looks at the current years outturn and anticipated traffic for the next year based on the airports relative network strength and applying historical growth rates, adjusted where necessary. Output metrics will be total passengers, capacity and movements, average load factors and seats per movement across the network.

Forecasts will be updated every 2 weeks.

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Airport Catchment Analyser

Understand your airport’s catchment area and traffic leakage to competitors with ASM’s Airport Catchment Analyser, a product that takes the data and fills in all the gap with data by postal code with 100 percent traffic coverage at a detailed level while respecting data privacy limits.

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