Business Case/The Head Office Meeting

When you need more detail than a passenger traffic forecast, this is when the Business Case steps in. The Business Case takes an in-depth review of the markets and regions around the origin and destination markets, and examines the demand and qualitative factors including the economy, industry, demographics, trade links, diaspora and other key areas that might have an impact on route viability.

These elements are then considered in the route forecast to build an even more comprehensive business case that details the opportunity and offers the insight in to what is driving this demand, giving the target airline a far more detailed view on the market drivers and some insight on how to start to capture this.

The Business Case is provides a greater understanding of a markets potential if investment or risk sharing is being considered. It is also the ideal output to take to airline meetings giving a comprehensive view on the market, the drivers, the trade and commerce links and how this translates in to traffic demand. ASM will work to secure a head office meeting with your target airline to present your Business Case.

Why Business Case?

  • In-depth analysis beyond the passenger forecast
  • Provides an understanding of the drivers of demand
  • Saves the airline time by conducting detailed research

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