In-Company – Understanding the Airport Business

The course will help new starters in the aviation industry to understand the nature of the airport business and its day-to-day challenges.

Airport operations and finance

The key operating components of an airport explained:

  • Operations: airside and landside
  • Relationships with control authorities
  • Service partners
  • Revenue mix
  • Ownership

Understanding customers and the markets airports serve

Explaining the airport customer chain:

  • Airlines
  • Tour operators
  • Cargo
  • Passengers

Understanding the market:

  • Airport catchment areas
  • Passenger market characteristics
  • Intermodal access
  • Competition
  • Industry trends

External factors: stakeholders, partners, interest groups, regulators

  • City partners, inward investment agencies and tourism
  • Regulators, planning authorities, environmental agencies
  • Trade partner associations
  • Interest groups
  • The economic impact of airports

Please note that this course is run at your premises on a suitable date.