The Fundamentals of Air Cargo Route Development

Aimed at new managers with responsibility for developing air cargo traffic at airports. The course is suitable for complete newcomers as well as those with a basic knowledge of the air cargo industry and how it relates to business.

Air cargo serves as an increasingly important catalyst to local, regional and in some cases, national economic growth. This course equips those involved in route development with the knowledge and understanding to approach airlines, cargo airlines and suppliers of air freight to improve the air cargo network from their respective airport.

Who should attend?

  • Airports – cargo and passengers personnel
  • Personnel responsible for airport cities
  • Inward investment agencies
  • Government agencies

What you will learn

  • The structure of the air cargo industry
  • An understanding of the main demand drivers of air cargo
  • How to identify the airport’s air cargo customers and determine their needs
  • An understanding of the different cargo data sources
  • How to develop airport cargo solutions
  • How to create a sales and marketing plan
  • How to work with airline customers
  • Working with other cargo partners – shippers, forwarders and manufacturers


  • The structure of the air cargo industry
  • Air cargo flows, trade patterns and macroeconomics
  • Airlines, logistics and the value added chain
  • The role of the airport in cargo
  • Estimating airport cargo demand – industrial mapping
  • Market segmentation and competition
  • Airport cargo development – the sales and marketing plan

Course Dates

  • 15th October 2018 - Toronto