Air Service Delivery


ASM has worked in partnership with many airports and destinations over the past 20 years to help deliver hundreds of new air services. ASM has supported and guided these businesses through the route development process, providing detailed route business cases, route delivery strategies and assisting with their airline relationships. ASM has in-depth understanding of airline economics and route decision making, and has key relationships in place with global airline professionals. ASM works collaboratively with its clients, working on a project by project basis, or can be retained.

Routes Event Prep

The aviation industry’s renowned Routes events were first established by ASM in 1998, so there is no one better placed to help airports and destinations to maximise their investment into attending or hosting a Routes event. ASM will help identify and select airline targets, provide airline briefings and presentation decks and support in the airline meetings and negotiations. ASM will provide thorough and detailed analytics as well as creative presentation techniques.

Business Case

Delivering an in-depth business case is the cornerstone of any route development decision. ASM can provide airports and destinations with comprehensive business cases that cover every aspect of a market’s potential: Traffic & Revenue Forecast, Segment Breakdown, Class, Directionality, Seasonality, Point of Sale, Cargo and Market Characteristics. ASM will find the right strategy in the development of the business case, whether is around the market opportunity or the market support mechanism to assist an airline during the first years of operation.

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